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Here goes – and an update!

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, here I go with my first blog post. I am so totally unsure why anyone would read this but here goes! I created this as a part of a course that I am taking on New Media Literacy – COMM2F00. Great learning – makes me stretch a bit and of course is part of my degree completion credit requirements.

I am a teacher of Ontario community college students – Marketing, Sales, Leadership, Advertising and Communication so this is something that can only help (I think). The new semester start up is always packed with things to do – meet new students, sort timetables, prep my lessons, attend meetings. On top of that of course are the two courses that I am taking through Brock – both fully online – my 17th and 18th online courses. Forces good time management, that is for sure.

I think that it is very humbling and grounding to be a student while you are a teacher. It helps connect you to the angst and anxiety that your own students feel and ensures that you provide as much support and clarity as possible. I am as mark driven and outcome oriented as any of my students – hmmm. In fact, I would venture that living the learner experience is an invaluable resource for any teacher looking for professional development.

On top of this I got new progressive glasses yesterday! First time and I am not too sure about that whole thing. For those of you younger than 40, you wear these when all your ranges of vision – reading, middle and distance go into the toilet. It means that you can (in theory) have one pair of glasses that will act as an all-purpose aid. All I feel right now is somewhat motion sick as I try to get used to them. Any advice welcome!

Update 1: – am used to the progressives – and now have a pair of computer glasses too, so all bases covered.

Update 2: It is the start of the January 2013 semester. Fall courses done, both work and personal and I am now embarking on three more – degree completion is achingly close – April 2013, if all goes well.